Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of Services

1. After a free 1-hour initial consultation a Letter of Engagement will be prepared by Sage Virtual Admin and emailed to the Client, prior to the commencement of work. This letter will outline the services to be performed, the rates to be charged and will include a copy of these terms and conditions.
2. This Letter of Engagement must be signed by the Client and returned to Sage Virtual Admin before work can commence.
3. If a work request or brief is forwarded to Sage Virtual Admin before receipt of the signed Letter of Engagement this constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions and work will commence on this basis.

2. Rates

1. Minimum 1 hour is charged per job and then invoiced at 30-minute increments thereafter.
2. Hourly rate includes the following standard services:
a. Local phone calls (excludes large volume of calls – these will be invoiced to the client as per call rate),
b. Standard postage (Australia only and excludes bulk mail outs),
c. Scanning, emailing and printing (general printing but excludes bulk printing).
3. Where services outside those listed are required, the client will be consulted before costs are incurred. Once approved by the client, these will be invoiced accordingly.
4. Any unforeseen extra costs will also be discussed with the Client prior to work commencing.
5. For new clients 50% deposit is required prior to commencement of work, based on an estimate of the total cost. A tax invoice for the deposit will be issued to the Client once the signed Letter of Engagement has been received. The balance of the total, together with any disbursements, will be invoiced at the completion of the project.
6. Sage Virtual Admin is not registered for GST and therefore does not charge GST on services provided.
7. Urgent work, with a turnaround of less than 24 hours, may incur a 20% surcharge. This will be made clear to the Client before work is commenced.
8. Should the Client’s original requirements change during the course of the assignment, Sage Virtual Admin reserves the right to issue a revised quotation and expected cost to the client.
9. Sage Virtual Admin reserves the right to adjust rates without notice. In the event that rates are adjusted, this will not impact work already in progress/previously quoted in writing.

3. Payment Terms

1. Payment is due 7 days from invoice date.
2. Payment may be made by:
i. Bank Transfer (Preferred method – bank details are provided on the invoice)
ii. Cash
iii. Cheque (Made payable to “Sage Virtual Admin”)
3. If a cheque is returned by the bank the Client will be liable for any bank charges incurred.

4. Privacy

1. All client records and information are regarded as confidential and therefore we will not sell, share or rent your personal and/or business information to any third party, without the written consent of the Client. If you are enquiring about our services, are acquiring or have acquired a service from Sage Virtual Admin we will collect and hold your name, address, telephone number and email address solely for the purpose of providing you with the relevant service and managing and administering the service.
2. Sage Virtual Admin will sign non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreements as required.
3. All work is carried out in strict confidence and will not be revealed to any third parties.

5. Security

1. All reasonable steps will be taken to protect information from misuse and unauthorised access.
2. All reasonable steps will be taken to protect software from corruption.
3. Sage Virtual Admin cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft etc, of data, projects, equipment or any items relating to assignments during transit to/from Sage Virtual Admin premises.
4. Sage Virtual Admin recommends that the Client obtain a proof of postage, as we will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to items sent through regular post.
5. Incoming information sent electronically or by CD/ USB and received by Sage Virtual Admin will be scanned for viruses. In the case of emails, suspicious files will not be opened so it is important that the Client clearly name all attached files.
6. While Sage Virtual Admin will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that any email, attachment to email and all files prepared or provided by Sage Virtual Admin on disk or in any other electronic form has been scanned for viruses, Sage Virtual Admin will not accept liability for any loss or damage sustained by the Client as a result of software viruses or data corruption. The Client is responsible for carrying out its own virus checks and scanning.

6. General Terms

1. All reasonable requests from the Client will be complied with, however, Sage Virtual Admin is engaged as an independent professional contractor and will not be construed in any event as being an employee of the Client and work efforts will not be under the supervision or control of the Client.
2. As an independent contractor, Sage Virtual Admin is not restricted to working exclusively for any one client during the term of the agreement.
3. Contracts may be cancelled by either party upon giving seven (7) days notice in writing to the other party.
4. All work carried out shall be considered made-for-hire under the Copyright Act, and at all stages remain the sole and exclusive property of the Client.
5. Sage Virtual Admin will accept no liability whatsoever for any detriment to the Client’s business, perceived or actual, resulting from any activities or works carried out by Sage Virtual Admin. The final responsibility for proofreading errors in completed works rests with the Client.
6. Sage Virtual Admin will only correct any errors found in the work done by Sage Virtual Admin and such errors will be corrected free of charge provided they have been notified to Sage Virtual Admin within 48 hours of the receipt of the completed work by the Client.
7. Sage Virtual Admin is not responsible for the end use of any document produced or edited by us. The Client is solely responsible for its appropriate use, including abiding by any copyright requirements, plagiarism laws and publishing requirements.
8. Sage Virtual Admin is not responsible for the content of any document supplied to them. Sage Virtual Admin will assume no responsibility for any plagiarised material supplied by a Client and reserves the right to return work should they become aware of such inappropriate use.
9. Sage Virtual Admin retains the right to reject work for any Client that involves material Sage Virtual Admin finds to be illegal, immoral or objectionable.