Why should you use a Virtual Assistant?


What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Basically anything you need them to do! The main difference between a regular Admin Assistant and a Virtual Assistant is the “virtual” – a virtual assistant is not based in your office. They can be hired on an as needed basis which eliminates the need to pay full time benefits for an employee.

Who uses a Virtual Assistant?

  • Small businesses who cannot employ a full time assistant but need some basic admin assistance.
  • Bigger businesses wishing to contract out particular tasks.
  • Anyone that needs virtual assistance!


Why Sage Virtual Admin?

  • I am here to help YOU! Let me help you create a better work/lifestyle balance and a less stressful and more productive workplace!
  • I’m a quick learner! No need to show staff procedures over and over, just let me handle it.
  • Need to work out how to do something but don’t have the time? Let me! I love to research and discover new things. I’m the sort of person that people come to when they need a document created or they need to find a new restaurant or they need to find some obscure equipment part. I can do it all!